A Joint Statement from Prominent Republicans, Democrats and Independents

Civility. Respect.  Together letâs write Americaâs next chapter.   The presidential election of 2016 will be recorded as one of the most bitter elections  in the shared history of our nation. While we cannot change this fact, we can commit  to standing together to ensure that Americaâs next chapter is civil and respectful  and focuses on working together to move our country forward.     On November 8, the American people cast their votes in a process uniquely ours.  Our president-elect is not a Democratic or Republican president â he is the American  president. President-elect Trump has stated his commitment to lead all of us â from  the north, south, east and west, people of every race, ethnicity and religion.     We call on President-elect Trump, chosen by the American voters, to set a much- needed tone of civility, respect, and bipartisanship. A peaceful transition of power  is not only a hallmark of American democracy, it is vital to our national security and  stability, to the functioning of our economy and to our leadership in the world.     We call on the new Congress to lead with civility and to seek compromise â to put the  country before party in order to confront and resolve our most critical challenges.  We need our leaders to re-establish an era where friendship coexists between floor  fights and members work together based on the issue at hand, not which side of  the aisle they sit on.     We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and we serve on the Board of  the National Institute for Civil Discourse. We have come together to help restore  civility in our public discourse and to protect our democracy â a system designed by  our founders to require elected officials to demonstrate their leadership by knowing  when to compromise for the good of the country.     We call on President-elect Trump and the members of the House and Senate to  take up the cause of civility, respect and statesmanship in the name not only of our  founding fathers who created this great republic, but for the sake of our childrenâs  future and the future of our nation.     In January, when the members of the 115th Congress and the new president are  sworn in, we will share our united support for civility with the White House and  Congress so our leaders will know how important this call to action is, not only to  us but to the American people as well.  Thomas A. Daschle  Former U.S. Senator, South Dakota,  Honorary Chair   Madeleine Albright  Former U.S. Secretary of State   Katie Couric  Global News Anchor, Yahoo News   Kenneth M. Duberstein  Former White House Chief of Staff,  Ronald Reagan   Mickey Edwards  Former U.S. Congressman, Oklahoma   Kirk Emerson  Professor of Practice in Collaborative Governance   Gabrielle Giffords  Former U.S. Congresswoman, Arizona   Joe Goldman  President, Democracy Fund Voice   Trey Grayson  CEO, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce   Lee Hamilton  Former U.S. Congressman, Indiana   Meredith Hay  Special Advisor, Arizona Board of Regents   Joe Kalt  Ford Foundation Professor of International  Political Economy, Harvard Kennedy School   Jim Kolbe  Former U.S. Congressman, Arizona   Richard Lugar  Former U.S. Senator, Indiana   Brint Milward  Director, University of Arizona School  of Government and Public Policy   Jim Pitofsky  Managing Director, Strategic Alliances, John  Templeton Foundation   General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)  Former U.S. Secretary of State   Robert Reich  Former U.S. Secretary of Labor   Alice Rivlin  Former Director, White House Office of  Management and Budget   Scott Simon  Host, NPR News   Alan K. Simpson  Former U.S. Senator, Wyoming   Olympia J. Snowe  Former U.S. Senator, Maine   Greta Van Susteren  Former Host, FOX News  Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer  Executive Director, National Institute  for Civil Discourse