June 20, 2016
AirTalk | 89.3KPCC The National Institute for Civil Discourse has a strategy to improve the current state of public discourse in the 2016 presidential election: the “Revive Civility, Our Democracy Depends on It” campaign. With so many Americans unhappy with the verbal ad hominem attacks, Carolyn read more
June 15, 2016
Huffington Post | by Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer In the wake of the unspeakable horror in Orlando, we’re seeing what hate and fear do to civilization. Fear is what terrorists seek. Anger only breeds hate and allows these murderers to point their fingers at us, saying, “Look, they hate us so much. They read more
June 10, 2016
David L. NevinsSupporter of Bi-Partisan Solutions Like so many other Americans, I too have become frustrated with the unbridled lack of civility, crippling partisanship and dysfunctional gridlock that prevents our country from solving the serious problems we face on a daily basis. Yet despite the read more
June 09, 2016
By Sophia Kunthara | Cronkite News Thursday, June 9, 2016 WASHINGTON – Former Rep. Gabby Giffords was back in Washington Thursday with her husband, Mark Kelly, calling for a more civil public discourse during a campaign season filled with what Kelly called “kind of historic poor rhetoric.” read more
June 09, 2016
Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland) attended a press conference in Washington, D.C. to help launch a campaign to outline standards of conduct for candidates, media and citizens to follow to foster greater civility in political discourse. The standards were developed by the National Institute of read more
June 08, 2016
By Former Reps. Mickey Edwards (R-Okla.) and Zack Space (D-Ohio) One of the hardest things to do in Congress is to cease thinking of your opponent as your enemy.  Why wouldn’t you think of them as your enemy? You sit on opposite sides of the House chamber. You caucus in different rooms. You take read more
June 03, 2016
By Sean Sullivan and Michael E. Miller Washington Post | SAN JOSE, Calif. —Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in downtown San Jose spun out of control Thursday night when some demonstrators attacked the candidate’s supporters. Protesters jumped on cars, pelted Trump supporters with eggs and read more
May 31, 2016
Certain indelible moments remain fixed in our collective memory. Moments that transform history and us. “Where were you when” … moments. Moments like when JFK, MLK and RFK died. Or when Neil Armstrong took one small step. Or this spring when two men vying for America’s highest office sank low read more
May 25, 2016
By:Dr. Carolyn J LukensmeyerExecutive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) My mother taught me the power of words: to work through problems, to build relationships, and to express my opinion. She taught me to respect others when I used my words — to stand up for what I read more
May 21, 2016
By Carolyn J. LukensmeyerSpecial to the Review-Journal Hurled chairs and vile insults. Death threats. This is not what democracy looks like. The events around the Nevada Democratic Caucuses last weekend were shameful, a representation of America at its worst. Whether or not rules were changed read more