Text, Talk, Revive Civility

Civility can be a hard topic to discuss. But nonetheless, incivility in our public discourse has reached crisis levels and it is having a real negative impact on the strength of our democracy. We simply can’t ignore it any longer.

Here’s something you can do about it: start a conversation with a few friends and come up with some concrete steps you can take together or individually. Text, Talk, Revive Civility is a fun, interactive text-messaging platform that will help you do it! 

How it Works: Gather a few friends, pull out your cell phone, and text CIVILITY to 89800 (try it now!). Your group will receive a series of text messages to guide you through a one-hour conversation on civility: what it is, what it means to the peole in your group, and how you can help revive civility in our politics and everyday lives.