Act Now

Step up for Civility!  Join the Initiative to Revive Civility and make your voice heard.

4 Steps for Individual Action

  1. Sign our civility pledge and commit to using civility in your life. 
  2. "Set the Table" for Civility this Thanksgiving season by using our resources.
  3. Create a social media post promoting civility share it broadly. Use hashtag #ReviveCivility.
  4. Join our email list and get weekly updates on the civility revolution, civility success stories and civility updates. Click here to sign up!

4 Steps for Collective Action

  1. Download our Revive Civility discussion toolkit and plan a conversation in your community, with your firends and family, or with an individual that thinks differently than you do. 
  2. Host a civility conversation using our text-messaging platform in your school, organization, or with a group of concerned citizens...via your cell phone! 
  3. Work with your Mayor and members of your community to create and adopt your own civility proclamation.
  4. Have your organization fund or host a Next Generation workshop for legislators in your state. Contact to get started.