Allred criticizes presidential debate, calls for civility

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Keith Allred - NICD Executive DirectorBy Nathan Brown // Post Register

National Institute for Civil Discourse head Keith Allred on Thursday criticized the two major-party presidential candidates for their conduct during Tuesday’s debate and urged the American people to rise about its tone.

Allred, who was the Democratic candidate for governor of Idaho in 2010, has led the  group for about two years. Senate President Pro Tempore Brent Hill, R-Rexburg, who is stepping down after this year, also recently took a job with the group.

“Each of us and a watching world could plainly see that it failed the most basic principles of civil discourse at an historic level,” Allred said. “Engaging competing ideas on the merits is crucial in a republic because it leads to better decisions. That was one of the scores on which the debate was particularly disastrous. This year the country has confronted epic challenges heaped upon epic challenges. How will the candidates address them? Instead of substantive answers to that crucial question, we got personal insults and interruptions.”

Allred said both candidates share some blame and Democrat Joe Biden “engaged in name calling that was beneath the eroded standards of our day,” but he put the primary responsibility on President Donald Trump, who he said broke the rules more often and “instigated the raw course the debate took.”

Allred called on the American people to listen to people with different ideas.

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