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Select committee releases final report with 97 recommendations to make congress work better for the American people

By October 14, 2020October 28th, 2020No Comments

New website launched to highlight report findings and committee activity in the 116th Congress
Report published by GPO using new XPub technology

Washington, D.C. – Today the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress (“Select Committee”) released its final report, which details the committee’s 97 recommendations and findings made during the 116th Congress to make Congress work better for the American people. The report is available to view on the Select Committee’s new microsite designed to highlight each section of the report, which can be seen here.

Throughout the 116th Congress, the Select Committee held 16 hearings, six virtual discussions and numerous staff and Member-level briefings and listening sessions to solicit ideas and recommendations for improving the legislative branch. Over the last 20 months, the 97 recommendations passed by the Select Committee aim to make Congress more effective, efficient and transparent; streamline and reorganize House Human Resources, overhaul the onboarding process and provide continuing education for Members; modernize and revitalize House technology; make the House accessible to all Americans; encourage civility and bipartisanship in Congress; streamline processes and save taxpayer dollars; increase the quality of constituent communications; improve continuity of operations; improve the congressional schedule and calendar; boost congressional capacity; reclaim Congress’ Article One responsibilities, and; reform the budget and appropriations process.

In March, the House passed the Select Committee’s resolution to implement nearly 30 of these recommendations, H. Res. 756. The Select Committee plans to introduce additional legislation in the coming weeks.

“This committee has delivered nearly 100 recommendations to make Congress more effective, efficient, and transparent for those we serve. This report gives an inside look at our work over the last 20 months and highlights the work our bipartisan committee has done to make The People’s House work better for all Americans. We are proud of this work and encourage our colleagues and constituents to continue sharing their ideas on how to modernize. This report serves as a roadmap for future modernization efforts and should be an ongoing priority for us all,” said Chair Derek Kilmer (D-WA).

The Select Committee teamed up with the Government Publishing Office (GPO) to create and print the report using their XPub technology, which GPO began to deploy in 2018. The Select Committee is the first congressional committee to use this technology with GPO to produce a committee report. XPub will replace GPO’s more than 30-year-old MicroComp composition system. GPO has started to transition the production of all routine legislative documents, including the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, Public Laws, Congressional Bills, Statutes at Large, and House and Senate Calendars, to the XPub system. XPub allows customers to provide GPO with content in any format and get output in flexible print and digital formats.

In addition to the GPO report, the report is also featured in an interactive website to highlight report findings and recommendations. You can access that site here: 

About the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

Created by an overwhelming bipartisan vote at the beginning of the 116th Congress, the Select Committee was tasked to produce recommendations on rules to promote a more modern and efficient Congress; procedures, including the schedule and calendar; policies to develop the next generation of leaders; staff recruitment, diversity, retention, and compensation and benefits; administrative efficiencies, including purchasing, travel, outside services, and shared administrative staff; technology and innovation; and the work of the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards.

On a rolling basis throughout the year, the Select Committee issued recommendations and shared ideas for reform on a bipartisan basis. Last fall, after widespread bipartisan support throughout Capitol Hill, the Select Committee and its work was extended through the end of the 116th Congress. The rule that created the Select Committee originally had it set to expire on February 1, 2020. The extension allowed the Select Committee to continue its work proposing bipartisan reforms to make Congress work better for the American people.

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