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America Talks: A Weekend of Connection in the Midst of Deep Division

By May 18, 2021No Comments

In America today, it can feel difficult to bridge our divides. We might feel tempted to give up or not even try. But this puts America on a shaky path, as we increasingly demean, demonize, and dehumanize each other. Political gridlock and dysfunction, as well as societal and cultural rifts, are only deepening.

America Talks is a powerful two-day event that invites Americans to connect one-on-one, face-to-face on video across our political divides. By doing so, we remind ourselves that the “other” is – just like us – a person with family, friends, hopes, fears, values, beliefs, and intrinsic worth.

Join this powerful event and speak directly with other Americans seeking to repair divides, restore connection, and find common cause.

Sign up today at America Talks