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Meeting of America

By November 1, 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

As part of our founding mission, NICD is concerned about the impact of deepening division on our communities and country.  So we’re supporting a bridging movement pilot effort called “Meeting of America”!  Meeting of America is designed to convene millions of Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs to turn down the heat and find a way forward together.

You are invited to participate in a series of three 1-hour, virtual, small group conversations to test and shape the experience before it opens to the rest of the country in 2022.

This conversation series includes the following:

  1. Connect with each other to see individual humanity across differences, extracting some of the poison out of polarization (Nov 1-12).
  2. Commit to America’s founding yet unfulfilled ideals and other values that bind us together as a foundation for the future (Nov 13 – Dec 5).
  3. Champion the New Commitment in our daily lives and collaboratively address areas of shared concern (Dec 6-17)

First, please sign up here for a Connect conversation happening between November 1st and 12th. Click on the day/time option most convenient for you, then click the RSVP button and answer a few questions (answer NICD to the question about which group invited you).  You’ll be matched into groups of five, spanning backgrounds and beliefs for these conversations.

We know you’ll enjoy the experience and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Meeting of America:

Nov 1-12

Nov 13-15

Dec 6-17


Choose three one-hour, virtual, small group conversations.