Divided We Fall / Next Generation

Divided We Fall is docu-series that shows ordinary Americans wrestling with what it truly means to be an American, the divides that prevent it, and what we can do to bridge the gaps. The National Institute for Civil Discourse and New Voice Strategies have partners to create this docu-series which has been featured on NPR. Visit the Divided We Fall website to see the trailer. 

Next Generation is a program of NICD that offers the premier workshop "Building Trust through Civil Discourse," a half-day (4 hour) workshop led by a bipartisan pair of legislator facilitators trained through the program's Facilitator Training Program. 

The main mission of the workshop is to provide state legislators with an opportunity to explore the benefits of improving the level of civil discourse in their states legislature and more effectively work across the aisle. Building Trust through Civil Discourse is an energizing, legislator-led program that aims to improve a culture where discourse and collaboration typify public policy development. Learn more about the program here