Incivility in the Media

In survey after survey, Americans blame the media for creating a level of incivility that is undermining their faith in journalism and deepening our nation's political dysfunction. The Civility in America 2013 survey found that 70 percent of Americans believe incivility has reached crisis proportions. In response, the National Institute for Civil Discourse is working with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies and the Newseum Institute to explore actions journalists can take to contribute to a more civil society.

Currently, the Institute plans to advance the process begun in December 2013 by convening a group of citizens, media members, and elected officials in October 2015. We seek a conversation with these critical stakeholders about how best to maintain high quality, accurate journalism in a highly competitive marketplace. Specifically, the conversation would address why news outlets increasingly rely on talk show formats that are more focused on opinion than reporting, and explore other options that would maintain journalistic integrity within the context of viable business models.