Erhardt Graeff

Erhardt Graeff
PhD Researcher, MIT Center for Civic Media and MIT Media Lab

Erhardt Graeff is a PhD Researcher at the MIT Center for Civic Media and MIT Media Lab. Using large-scale data analysis and design-based research approaches, he studies how citizens, communities, activists, and social movements use technology to push for change. His doctoral research explores the design of civic technologies and civic learning experiences that empower youth to be more effective citizens. Erhardt is a founding trustee of The Awesome Foundation, which gives small grants to awesome projects, and a founding member of the Web Ecology Project, a network of social media and internet culture researchers.



B.A. (2006) Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology. B.A. (2007) Int'l. Studies, RIT. M.Phil (2008) University of Cambridge. M.S. (2014) Media Arts and Sciences, MIT.


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