Kathleen Hull

Kathleen Hull
Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Minnesota

Kathleen Hull is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. Hull is broadly interested in cultural approaches to law, sexuality, and families. Her first book, Same-Sex Marriage: The Cultural Politics of Love and Law, examined same-sex marriage as a form of cultural practice and site of political contestation, primarily from the perspective of ordinary same-sex couples.  She is currently at work on a second book that explores close relationships and conceptions of family among LGBT people.  Another stream of research addresses how people talk about complex social issues, and how those debates and deliberations are influenced by expert discourses from the domains of law, science and religion, as well as other sources of knowledge such as personal experience. 


B.A. (1986) Romance Languages and Lit, Princeton University. M.A. (1987) English Language and Lit, University of Michigan. M.A. (1989) Social Administration, University of Chicago, Chicago. Ph.D. (2001) Northwestern University.


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