Penny Edgell

Penny Edgell
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota


Penny Edgell is Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and studies religion in the United States, with a primary interest in how religion shapes moral culture. Her recent work looks at religion and family, religion and race, and religion and understandings of American citizenship. With her colleague, Professor Kathleen Hull, she has received a National Science Foundation grant to examine people’s responses to contemporary social dilemmas, and especially ones where religious, legal, and scientific experts make competing claims about what we, as a society, should do. She is also co-leading a 10-year follow up to the American Mosaic Project, also funded by the NSF. The project team will field a national survey that will focus on the construction of boundaries and tolerance across racial and religious differences; this will include a sustained focus on religious outsiders. She is the author of two books: Congregations in Conflict, and Religion and Family in a Changing Society.



A.B. (1986, MCL) Sociology, Princeton University. M.A. (1989) Sociology, University of Chicago, Chicago. Ph.D. (1995) University of Chicago, Chicago.


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