Representative Pam DeLissio

Pennsylvania Representative

Representative Pam DeLissio has served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 2010. Living and working in the 194th District for over 16 years, she works diligently to reflect her constituents’ views. In just a few short years Pam has been described as the ideal of a moderate, aisle-crossing, smart, non-extreme legislator that we do not have enough of in either party. During her time in office Delissio competed for and participated in 3 Leadership Development programs: 2011: U.S. Army War College – Strategy Implementation Seminar,â¨2012: The State Legislative Leaders Foundation- Emerging Leader’s Program andâ¨2013: Council of State Governments- Henry Toll Fellowship. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Planning and Administration from Penn State University in 1978, Representative Delissio has almost 30 years’ experience in the fields of long term care and small business ownership before being elected to the General Assembly. She is recognized for her strong leadership skills and has volunteered for a variety of professional and community organizations, often as a member of the board or chair of key committees.  In 2005, Representative Delissio was named one of “Pennsylvania’s 2005 Best 50 Women in Business”.  She resides in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadel