Representative Susan Ticehurst

New Hampshire Representative

Representative Susan Ticehurst credits her experiences living, working, raising a family and volunteering in her community as having prepared her to represent the families of Albany, Madison, Freedom and Tamworth, New Hampshire. Having spent time working as a micro-loan program facilitator she helped provide access to capital, connections and educational resources for self-employed rural business owners. As a child care center director, she saw the importance of health and safety standards but also the burdens of meeting state regulations. As an elder care provider, Ticehurst realized the necessity for community support networks As clerk of a conservation commission, she saw the value of wise planning for protection of our natural resources. And as a citizen lobbyist, she studied the legislative process. A passion for fair, responsible and open government and a firm conviction that people deserve respectful, collaborative work from their elected officials, inspired Representative Ticehurst to serve in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.