Samara Klar

Samara Klar
Assistant Professor of Political Science, School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona

Samara Klar is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona. In her published work, she examines such questions as how and why some Americans choose to identify with a party, how individuals negotiate their many identity groups to form political preferences, and what happens when Democrats and Republicans come together to discuss partisan politics. In ongoing work, Klar examines the cross-cutting influences of partisanship and gender, as well as the consequences of partisan disagreement in Washington on Americans’ political attitudes and behavior. She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including funding from the National Science Foundation.


B.A. (2005) Political Science & Sociology, McGill University. M.A. (2006) Political Science, Columbia University. Ph.D. (2013) Political Science, Northwestern University.


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