The National Network of State Legislators

The National Network of State Legislators Committed to Civil Governance consists of a growing number of lawmakers from more than 20 states, who share the public’s concerns about dysfunction within America’s political system and are passionate about taking acton that will bring real change -- starting at the state level.

The 2017 Co-Chairs of the National Network are Maine State Treasurer (Former Maine Representative) Terry Hayes (I), Ohio State Senator Frank LaRose (R), and Idaho State Representative Melissa Wintrow (D).


The Network stays connected through regular correspondance from its co-chairs and the NICD Next Generation team along with several online meet-ups throughout the year and an annual conference to engage members in person. The Network provides state legislators committed to civility with support, skill-building resources, and a community with which to share ideas and questions. 

Although most Network members have participated in the Next Generation program some have joined with the purpose of bringing these important resources to their state legislature. 

If you are passionate about changing the culture of American politics and are interested in joining or assisting the National Network of State Legislators Committed to Civil Governance please contact Makayla Meachem at or call 740-262-9689.