Can we 'return to civility'? Conservative donor tries in chat with controversial Missouri Democrat

Sun, 2017-08-27

by Ashely Jost | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

National conservative megadonor Foster Friess grabbed coffee with controversial Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal on Sunday in an effort to “return to civility.”

They became fast friends in the process.

The two popped into MoKaBe’s, a coffee shop next to Tower Grove Park, after attending church in Ferguson together Sunday. Friess flew in earlier in the morning on his private plane for the occasion.

It’s all part of Friess’ “Return to Civility” campaign.

The businessman urged his followers this week to “grab a cup of coffee with someone you don’t agree with.”

“Democrats invite a Republican. Young and old, black and white — get to know someone with whom you don’t agree,” his website urged.

Friess picked Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat from University City, to be the person he learns from in his own challenge.

The Missouri state senator made headlines recently after she wrote on Facebook that she hoped for the assassination of President Donald Trump. Democrats and Republicans have called for her to resign, despite Chappelle-Nadal’s apologies for the post.