Civility in the House and home

Wed, 2017-12-06

As I travel throughout the 99th District I have been asked repeatedly about the political climate in Columbus. âHow do you get along? Do you get along? How do you stand it?â are just a few of the questions I am routinely asked. Typically, the conversation closes with âI couldnât do what you do ... itâs a sad time in American politics.â

Though I cannot speak for Washington, I can state without hesitation that my colleagues in Columbus and I do get along â and get along quite well. We may disagree on a number of issues, but we are all focused on what we believe is best for our districts and for Ohio.

As an educator for 29 years, our communityâs kids prepared me well for my work as a legislator. I taught about 5,000 students over the course of my time in the classroom, averaging about 175 different students each year. With each of these students came a uniquely different personality and perspective â all of which I had to understand and relate with to be an effective teacher.