Civility a key election issue

Tue, 2018-10-23

The Daily Wildcat | Seth Markowski 

American politics is ugly. Polarization appears to be on the rise and some argue civility is no longer possible or even necessary.

This election season, the National Institute for Civil Discourse, based at the University of Arizona, is working hard to change that, with the help of voters across the nation. 

NICD has an ally in Pima County Democratic Party Chair, Jo Holt.

“Political civility is very important,” Holt said. “It is a critical component to serving the needs of the people.” 

Holt is not alone. Many Americans do not believe the tone of their politics is headed in the right direction.

A poll conducted by CBS News in June of 2017 found that 93 percent of Americans believe that the tone and civility of U.S. political debate was either getting worse or not actively improving. In that same poll, 73 percent of Americans believed that the current tone of political debate encourages violence.