Commentary: Civility a tool for success in courtroom, boardroom, political arena

Sat, 2018-01-06

âRealityâ TV and the transition of many ânewsâ outlets to entertainment and propaganda machines have created the misconception that shedding your civility will help further your agenda.

However, more than 20 years of courtroom and boardroom experience has shown me that employing civility pays more dividends than popular culture would have you believe.

Aside from the many moral, ethical and sociological benefits, being civil increases your chances of prevailing in most any adversarial situation and can help you achieve your objective and the objective of those who rely on you to champion their cause.

Critical to this viewpoint is for us to have a common understanding of civility and civil discourse. In my mind, they are simply rules of engagement that in no way prevent you from aggressively pursuing your goals.

As with virtually any sport or game where the goal is to win, you need a set of rules before you start. Within these rules, there is an expectation that the players and teams will do everything within their power to beat the other side.