EDITORIAL | Marshall deserved greater civility

Fri, 2017-05-12

by The Mercury 

It’s disappointing that Wamego, which has earned its fine reputation for hospitality, was the site for the town hall meeting with the “rudest” crowd that 1st District U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall has been involved in.

Such rudeness wasn’t altogether surprising, given the tenor of town hall meetings in Republican- held districts elsewhere in the United States, but it’s nevertheless inexcusable — and beneath the citizens of the Flint Hills. And to be fair, many of the participants Wednesday were not from Wamego.

Although we have misgivings about some of Rep. Marshall’s positions and are wary that he will succumb to the partisanship that turns well-meaning Washington lawmakers into automatons, we tip our hat to him for his willingness to face voters, some of whom were downright hostile. According to Politico, only a handful of the more than 200 Republican House members are holding such meetings during this recess. Most just didn’t have the appetite for it. One man at Wednesday’s meeting, who told the congressman that he disagrees “with a lot of your stances on issues,” was right in adding, “It does take a lot of bravery” to face angry voters.