An era of political civility? Jason Kenney's first speech as MLA calls for an end to the 'anger machine'

Mon, 2018-01-29

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney reached out to union members, nurses and public servants in his first speech as an Alberta MLA on Monday.

"If you are somebody who worked in the public sector — a nurse who's frustrated with massive over-centralization and bureaucracy — and you want the flexibility to do your job, and the resources that are necessary, then join us," Kenney told a crowd of supporters at the Matrix Hotel in downtown Edmonton. 

"If you're a union member that feels that you've been misled by the NDP, maybe they're shutting down the coal mine where you've worked all of your life, then please join us," he added during his first speech as an MLA, less than an hour after being sworn in as the member for Calgary-Lougheed

Kenney, a former federal Conservative cabinet minister and long-time Calgary MP, was sworn-in by Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell in the chamber of the legislative assembly building earlier Monday afternoon.