How Maine legislators are coming together to bring civility to Augusta

Sun, 2018-04-15

By Roger Katz and Matthew Pouliot, Special to the BDN • April 15, 2018 10:00 am
Last month, the two major parties finalized the names of the candidates who will compete for party backing in the race for Maine governor. Those candidates will join independents on the ballot to determine who will lead our state moving forward.

While we don’t know yet who our next chief executive will be, we do know for certain that whoever becomes the next governor will find a more connected, more congenial State House.

Maine’s 186 legislators — Republicans, Democrats and independents — have strived to work together to improve this state.

Part of it is out of necessity. On many occasions, we have had to come together and find ways to get important legislation across the finish line.

But part of it is by design.