The indispensability of ethicality to civility

Sun, 2018-04-01

This is a clarion call to reject the disgraceful miasma of primal hatred, intemperance and intolerance being spewed across our country from high places and asking that we replace that bloviating blather with “The Mandate of Ethicality” that burnished our great nation from its inception, instilling pride and respect in the citizenry.

Ethicality is imperative to the survival of humanity, civility and integrity. Coextensive with an erosion of ethical conduct we witness unethical individuals exploiting the trust of others, unethical officials stealing from their constituents and unethical nations losing their moral imperative.

Ethicality is not the practice of cowards. Ethicality requires unrelenting courage to expose, speak out and act against wrongdoing, regardless of the title, position or office of the malefactor. It takes unstinting bravery and uncompromisable character to act fearlessly in the face of bellicose challenge, imminent danger, taunting beguilement or misguided peer pressure.