Letter: Bedke a leader in civility

Sun, 2017-08-20

At a time when our country feels increasingly divided, Idaho is fortunate to have leaders like House Speaker Scott Bedke who demonstrate a commitment to improving civility. We would like to thank Rep. Bedke for taking part in the Leading with Civility leadership summit earlier this month, where a bipartisan group of 23 state legislators discussed ways to address rising incivility and polarization in politics.

At a time of extreme partisanship, it is more important than ever that our elected officials establish relationships across the aisle, respect one another and work together – even though they will disagree. When elected officials can’t get along, they struggle to solve crucial problems facing their constituents. We are grateful for Speaker Bedke’s dedication to civility and we hope that he will continue to lead by example in Boise.

Carolyn Lukensmeyer