Manhattan is leading the way on civility

Wed, 2017-05-17

The Mercury | Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer 

To the Editor: The 2016 election and the first 100-plus days of this new administration have left our country feeling more divided than ever.

Not only did candidates increase political incivility in our country through disrespectful remarks and name-calling, but the tone of the campaigns led to physical violence in some instances.

Manhattan Mayor Usha Reddi has taken this cause to heart. She proclaimed a week in April as a “civility week” as part of a recent civility conference at Kansas State University. She also has said that she will be promoting civility through the month of May, encouraging the citizens of Manhattan to pledge to be more civil.

By encouraging citizens to engage with one another and pledge to be more civil, as Mayor Reddi has championed, we can come together as a community to turn the tide on our nation’s declining discourse.

We want to congratulate Mayor Reddi and the citizens of Manhattan for embarking on this important mission. The future of our country lies in civil discourse. We must be reminded of what we can achieve when we work together, avoiding the divisiveness that has become commonplace. We all have a role to play in reviving civility and respect, and we thank Mayor Reddi for taking the lead.

Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer Executive Director National Institute For Civil Discourse Washington, D.C.