Mayors United to Revive Civility and Respect

Mon, 2017-06-26

Resolution Number: 23  -  Passed on June 26, 2017

Sponsored by:
The Honorable Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson
The Honorable Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento
The Honorable Hillary Schieve, Mayor of Reno
The Honorable Jeff Williams, Mayor of Arlington
The Honorable John A. McNally, Mayor of Youngstown
The Honorable John Giles, Mayor of Mesa
The Honorable Lyda Krewson, Mayor of St. Louis
The Honorable Mark R. Holland, Mayor of Kansas City
The Honorable Mark Stodola, Mayor of Little Rock
The Honorable Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston
The Honorable Mitchell J. Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans
The Honorable Rebecca Casper, Mayor of Idaho Falls
The Honorable Richard J. Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque
The Honorable Roy D. Buol, Mayor of Dubuque
The Honorable Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin
The Honorable Sylvester 'Sly' James Jr., Mayor of Kansas City
The Honorable Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland
The Honorable William A. Bell Sr., Mayor of Birmingham
The Honorable Allison Silberberg, Mayor of Alexandria

WHEREAS, The 2016 election left our country feeling more divided than at any time in recent memory and the Weber Shandwick annual nationwide Civility in America Survey indicated that 75 percent of the American public were saying that incivility in America has risen to crisis levels; and

WHEREAS, heated rhetoric and a dramatic shift away from collaboration leaves us unable to solve the challenges confronting our communities; and

WHEREAS, civil discourse is the free and respectful exchange of different ideas in a way that respects and affirms all persons, while hearing their perspectives; and

WHEREAS, members of our communities should feel comfortable and respected while exploring worldviews outside their own; and

WHEREAS, civility reduces rudeness, ridicule, and lack of respect for the open exchange of ideas; and

WHEREAS, civility assists in the process of working together to create lasting solutions to our most pressing challenges, while fostering respect among opposing groups; and

WHEREAS, civility and respect help improve our well-being, restore our trust, and encourage Americans to participate in building a brighter future for generations to come; and

WHEREAS, when people take time to really listen to others who are different from themselves, they often find that there is more in common than they might have thought, including finding ways to work for the greater good together; and

WHEREAS, when Mayors and community members come together across differences, we demonstrate that we are part of communities grounded in hope and possibility and we make great things happen together; and

WHEREAS, there is an urgent desire by many elected leaders and the public for trust, respect and civility to be revived in our democracy; and

WHEREAS, now is a critical time when our cities, states and country need public leaders to stand together with civic courage across partisan lines and Mayorscan help set a community tone that fosters civility and respect through our leadership and by our willingness to listen to others of differing perspectives; and

WHEREAS, Mayors and community leaders from large cities to small communities such as Tucson (AZ), San Diego (CA), Austin (TX), Columbus (OH), Upper Arlington (OH), Augusta (ME), Bangor (ME), Biddeford (ME), Bar Harbor (ME) and others, are leading an initiative to Revive Civility and Respect,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors calls on all Mayors and communities nationwide to join the initiative to Revive Civility and Respect and become visible ambassadors of civility, listen respectfully to people who have different views, support efforts to work together across ideological and political lines, and work to rebuild civic trust through civil discourse.