Microsoft promotes digital civility on the occasion of Safer Internet Day

Wed, 2017-02-08

by Nandita Mathur | Live Mint 

New Delhi: Microsoft is challenging people around the world to embrace ‘digital civility’ and treat each other with respect and dignity online, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day (SID).

SID is an international day of action, organized every February, to promote safer and more responsible use of technology, particularly among children and young people. Digital platforms, social media sites, messaging apps and other online groups and forums, tend to bring out a less than cordial nature in people.

Many people act differently online than they do in person. They may be more outgoing, or passive, they may be more aggressive or social online then they are in person. The online world is relatively new, so the social, psychological, cultural, and legal implications leave a lot to be understood.

To study the levels of civility across various online interactions, Microsoft conducted a research among adults and teenagers in 14 countries and released the findings through its Digital Civility Index (DCI), which reveals the need for people to treat each other with dignity online, for a safer and more respectful internet.