Opinion: Politicians need to step up as role models

Mon, 2017-09-18

Our politicians are essentially the frontiers for our nation. They are our chosen representatives and their role focuses around advocating for their community’s voice.

So why is Australian politics such a blood sport?

Recently I watched Question Time and was taken aback by the poisonous vitriol spurting from our chosen representatives mouths.

Being an elected politician is an opportunity for men and women to showcase leadership and the best of themselves but instead they are dragging each other back to the school playground where bullies prevail with insults and pettiness.

Yet the parliamentary chamber has become a performance of our worst with our leaders’ voices echoing off the chamber as they battle it out for dominance.

Compressed into one hour, there was no balance and certainly no clear answers during my viewing.

I couldn’t help but wonder why we tolerate our politicians as representatives to the rest of the world treating each other with such contempt?