Our Opinion: Legislate with transparency, civility

Wed, 2018-01-03

<p>As the Missouri General Assembly starts its annual five-month legislative session today, our hope is that lawmakers are resolved in 2018 to do the public's business in public, and to do it with dignity and respect.</p><p>We ask they embrace a two-pronged New Year's resolution: transparency and civility.</p><p>Lawmakers again will face difficult issues this year, ranging from income tax cuts to restoring cuts to in-home care funding to ethics and open records.</p><p>Most lawmakers from both sides of the aisle honestly cast their votes in the way they believe best serves their constituents. In the pressure-cooker environment of the Capitol, it's easy for passion to become anger. It's easy for debate to turn personal, and to forget the Golden Rule.</p><p>Still, for the most part, our lawmakers are able to debate issues with civility.</p><p>Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others may hold different beliefs, but all should have a mutual respect for each other.</p><p>In addition to civility, our hope is the 2018 session will bring transparency — a word our readers have seen here before.</p>