The Partisan Divide: Causes and Solutions

Mon, 2015-04-13

At this year's 7th annual Tucson Festival of Books, NICD hosted a session called, "The Partisan Divide: Causes and Solutions"

The session featured Tom Davis and Martin Frost, co-authors of "The Partisan Divide," which was just released in January. Tom Davis is a former Republican congressman who represented a Northern Virginia District for 14 years and Martin Frost is a former Democratic congressman who represented the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 26 years.   NICD Executive Director Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer moderated the discussion before an audience of nearly 300.

The book provides an insider's look at the partisanship that has taken over congress from the perspective of two moderates who watched their parties shift with Democrats moving too far to Martin's left and Republicans going too far to Davis' right.

Davis and Frost highlighted the following reasons for gridlock:

  • Ideological sorting of the parties
  • An example of re-districting in North Carolina's 12th district

    Gerrymandering or re-districting

  • Campaign finance

An example of re-districting in North Carolina's 12th districtSome solutions they suggested include:

  • Re-examine primary system

  • Vote the person not the party

  • Bring back sponsored earmark legislation