Prevent the incivility of the election from infiltrating the workplace

Sun, 2017-02-26

by Christine Porath | The Hill 

The political fracture currently felt in our country is also evident in the workplace. In a poll of over 250 people that I conducted this week, the vast majority report that they are still reeling from a divisive election.

What’s worse, the lack of civility demonstrated by our political leaders has infiltrated the workplace. Over 60 percent of participants said political leaders’ incivility has made them feel disrespected, and well over half claim it has distracted them from their work.

I’ve studied the effects of incivility for over two decades. Simply being around incivility exacts a tremendous toll. My experiments show that being around rudeness robs you of your cognitive resources, hijacks your performance and creativity, and sidelines you from your work. Even if you want to perform at your best, you cannot, because you are bothered and preoccupied by the rudeness you are experiencing.