Restoring political civility in Michigan

Mon, 2017-06-05

Michigan Radio | by Zoe Clark & Rick Pluta

Everyone’s back to the political games in D.C. and Lansing now that lawmakers are back from the annual Mackinac Island Policy Conference where one of the agenda items on the to-do list was restoring political civility.

In a speech to business and political leaders at the conference, Governor Rick Snyder called the tone of political rhetoric a national crisis. “I view this as probably the largest threat to our country,” Snyder told the audience.

Snyder’s complaint is that the current environment gets in the way of practical problem-solving; an exercise that requires people to meet in the middle. Not just to find common ground, but also to compromise.

The heat of the last election cycle elevated this to command the attention of the state’s business and political leaders. But this isn’t something that just emerged last year. Or even the last couple of years.