Shame Nation: The Rise of Incivility in America

Tue, 2017-06-13

Sue Scheff | Huffington Post

Times in our country have never been more conflict-ridden. In a new survey, Civility in America conducted by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate with KRC Research, they revealed there is a severe civility deficit in our country. Sixty-nine percent of Americans blame the Internet and social media as the cause – not surprising given that one in four have experienced cyberbullying or incivility online.

What are Americans saying?

“Social media is full of uncivil acts. Trying to remember what the most recent would be is difficult as it’s in my feed pretty much all the time.”

“In commenting on a social media question, I got blasted for not going along with everyone else.”

“Usually social media is full of uncivil people. Sometimes you can’t even comment on a status without someone trying to argue and prove points about something you don’t care about.”

Being respectful to people is not only about online, it’s has to do with our way of life and how we treat people offline too. In this latest poll of Americans surveyed:

• 84 percent have personally experienced incivility

• 59 percent quit paying attention to politics because of incivility

• 53 percent have stopped buying from a company because of uncivil representatives

• 34 percent have experienced incivility at work

• 25 percent have experienced cyberbullying or incivility online, up nearly three times from 2011

• 25 percent of parents have transferred children to different schools because of incivility