Take a chill pill and engage your political foes with civility, professor says

Sat, 2018-02-03

Have patience, people.

When talk shifts to politics at Sunday’s Super Bowl party — and in this Age of Trump you know it will — take a deep breath. Pause before replying to that pathetic moron in the corner who disagrees with you on almost everything except your shared loathing of the Patriots.

Have some civility. Because while that dope, who quite possibly is your blood relative, might be oh-so wrong about everything, as far as you are concerned, he or she most likely came to those views honestly and should not be an object of scorn, says Allan Katz, a University of Missouri-Kansas City professor.

Katz is on a mission to counter the coarseness of our discourse through an organization he co-founded called American Public Square.

“Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them bad people,” Katz said in a speech at Saturday’s meeting of the League of Women Voters of Johnson County. “All we’re saying,” he said at another point, “is that people who disagree with you have a good reason for believing what they believe.”