Trump can reset the country by giving a civil State of the Union

Tue, 2018-01-30

Carolyn J Lukensmeyer | The Hill

Few leaders have the opportunity to present their unabridged, candid message to their constituents. But each January, the president of United States is able to deliver an extended speech directly to our nation and to curious individuals around the world. President Trump will give the State of the Union tonight, setting the tone for American policy, direction, and discourse in 2018 and beyond. Presidents use the address to unveil new ideas, present a vision for the future, and frame American leadership at home and abroad.

Unfortunately for the American people, Trump’s uneven first year in office picked up where his negative and polarizing presidential campaign left off. From his refusal to squarely condemn white supremacists following the death in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer to his vulgar characterizations of other nations earlier this month, Trump has plainly failed to live up to certain expectations of the office.