Why The Key To Civility Is Empathy

Thu, 2018-02-08

What if I told you that the key to becoming a great leader and guiding a successful team through conflict doesn’t require any kind of formal degree or 10-15 years of working experience (as job postings would have you believe)? What if I told you that all it takes to cultivate the best working relationships in your team or workplace is the practice of empathy?

Personal experience in the working world has exposed me on numerous occasions to the repetitive storyline of prolonged tension between two or more people in the workplace. It amounts to the metaphorical sensation of being trapped in a locked room with a ticking time bomb. The longer that both the tension and the human ability to understand and share feelings are dismissed, the shorter the fuse on that bomb becomes. This is where my work begins.

With a background in change management in diverse marketplaces, leadership development and human connection, I lead a range of educational and organizational change initiatives to help businesses build better teams through shifting mindsets and exploring the ways in which team members interact with each other. The starting point is nearly always the same.