The Civility Center

The Civility Center is a not-for-profit organization established in 2000 to help people make their communities better places to live. We believe in a comprehensive approach to improvement – one that engages all relevant stakeholders around shared ideas and a unified plan of action that will help community members and organizations become more effective in solving tough social issues.

And we believe this improvement is one important step towards restoring civility…

The lessons we have learned during our initial 15 years have proven to be of great value. Given the current context of today’s society our mission is critical to building capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to meet the many challenges we all face. We are committed to sharing our experience, resources, and ideas with all who are interested in joining us on the path to civility.

We are excited about the future and a new partnership we have formed with key leaders within the Freemasons of North America. We have discovered a strong alignment between our Center and the historic legacy of the Freemasons. Our combined commitment to “civil dialogue” and “constructive conversation” is the cornerstone of the partnership. Together, we seek to expand the “civil footprint” within society to better serve our shared humanity.

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