The NICD facilitates large scale change in the behavior and ideology of people and systems. We seek to return our country to its founding ideal: that government must be of the people, by the people, and for the people. The media, citizens, and elected officials all have roles to play in establishing a more positive and productive direction for American democracy.

We build powerful networks of institutions and experts that are dedicated to advancing civility. We launch creative strategies for engaging new constituencies. Research guides all of our work to ensure we maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our initiatives. Click on a program to learn more. 

  • Congress
    Working Group for a Working Congress
  • Public
    Creating Community Solutions
  • Media
    Incivility in the Media
  • Next Generation
    In today's political world, it seems there are only two sides: left and right...
  • Text, Talk, Act
    Text messaging to facilitate a face-to-face conversation on mental health
  • Text, Talk, Vote
    Text messaging to facilitate a conversation on the importance of voting and civic engagement
  • National Civility Network
    This network is comprised of campus-based institutes and centers
  • Research Network
    Experts from the nation’s top universities and organizations conducting research in civil discourse
  • Network of State Legislators
    Lawmakers who share the public’s concerns about dysfunction within America’s political system.