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Take Action with Us

Americans from across the country and political spectrum are alarmed by the bitter divisions in our country. Just when we think our politics can’t get worse, we find a new bottom.

NICD believes the American people will be our saving grace. We are less divided than we seem and hungry for a constructive approach to politics.

Champion common-sense policy solutions in Congress by taking 4 easy steps. With nearly 25,000 members and broad political support we have the ability to make real change

Join us on a journey to remind ourselves how to engage our differences more constructively – to see each other as human beings, not as competing political positions

Join faith communities to call for greater dignity and respect in politics

Experience other Americans grappling with bridging their divides

Increase bipartisanship, collaboration, and civility in state government

Learn from scholars about their findings on political and social discourse

NICD facilitates Change

The NICD facilitates large scale change in the behavior and ideology of people and systems. We seek to return our country to its founding ideal: that government must be of the people, by the people, and for the people. The media, citizens, and elected officials all have roles to play in establishing a more positive and productive direction for American democracy.

We build powerful networks of institutions and experts that are dedicated to advancing civility. We launch creative strategies for engaging new constituencies. Research guides all of our work to ensure we maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our initiatives. Click on a program to learn more.