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Creating Community Solutions

The National Insititute for Civil Discourse was created after the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona of Gabrielle Giffords. Creating Community Solutions (CCS) was created in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting and President Obamaâs call for a National Dialogue on Mental Health including a specific invitation from the Obama Administration for NICD to lead this movement. These shootings stimulated communities to gather together and talk about mental health in a healthy dialogue. Taking care of our community members and talking about important issues could prevent such shootings from happening again.

Creating Community Solutions leads a three-tier strategy involving

  • Mayor Initiated Lead Cities â Six major cities across the country led dialogues among 300-400 members of the community and government and formulated plans and budgets for improving mental health in the community.
  • Community Conversations â 250 communities have hosted community conversations on mental health.
  • Text Talk Act â Over 43,100 participants have held mental health dialogues in small groups with a text message based conversation guide. Since ¾ of all mental health problems present themselves before the age of 24, young people are an essential audience for this conversation. A text-message enabled conversation has proven to be very successful for this age group.

Read our report on Creating Community Solutions National Youth Convening July 19-21, 2016.