Research Convenings

The National Institute for Civil Discourse hosts Research Convenings which are open to both researchers within and outside of our Research Network.

On September 26-28, 2019, the Research Network will convene the third research convening. More information about the convening can be found in the program

Read our Research Convening Summary of 2014

Read our Research Convening Summary of 2017

The National Institute for Civil Discourse held its second research convening on March 23-25, 2017 in Tucson, Arizona.  The major theme of the convening was how best to study the role of civility in contemporary political discourse.  Thirty-four scholars from the University of Arizona and 27 from other institutions participated.  The convening included scholars and academics from a diverse array of disciplines, including political science, philosophy, communications, religion, history, and sociology.  Discussion topics included civility during the 2016 election campaigns, civility online, and civil discourse across partisan and ideological lines.  NICD Executive Director Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer also discussed current NICD projects and encouraged the assembled academic researchers to help study or evaluate these projects.

The convening was intended to foster collaboration among members of NICD's Research Network.  To this end, NICD will publish an edited volume including chapters drawn from the research presented at the convening, provide small seed grants for the research of network members, and support conference panels at disciplinary meetings.  On the closing day of the convening, NICD staff and network members discussed these plans and explored other ways to enable the network to develop and for network members to collaborate on a regular basis. Read the full Research Convening Summary here