Revive Civility Task Force - Tucson, AZ

Victor Bowleg

Family Mediator, Parent Coordinator, and Educator at The Family Center of the Conciliation Court 

Victor Bowleg, has a wealth experience and insight in the field of Conflict Resolution and serves as a Family Mediator, Parent Coordinator, and Educator at The Family Center of the Conciliation Court (Pima County Superior Court). In addition he is an adjunct Instructor at Pima Community College and recently served as a volunteer English Instructor in Spain (for students 6- 12 years of age) with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). He is active in a variety of organizations in the Tucson community. Mr. Bowleg has earned both a M.A. in Rehabilitation/Mental Health Counseling and a J.D. from the University of Cincinnati. 


Steve Brock

Director of Moderation Services at Mzinga

For the last 16 years, Steve has helped clients create and manage dynamic and welcoming online communities, from prime-time reality, news, and sports television shows to high-profile companies in the financial sector.  Before that, he was the Manager of the Books and Reading Forum at Microsoft Network.  Every day, he helps community members understand the expectation of conduct and the need for civil interaction, as well as the penalties for abuse.  Steve has worked on many projects to reduce cyberbullying, both by children and adults.  He writes a weekly blog on topics of interest to community managers and users.  He has a B.A. in Political Science / Public Policy from the University of Arizona and an M.A. in Communications Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Adeline Horst

Adeline Horst's education background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education, major Sociology; a Master of Science in Education, major Guidance and Counseling; a Master of Science in Public Administration; and a diploma in Bible and Doctrine.  She began her United States Government career in 1975 with the U.S. Dept. Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, transferred to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service in 1979 and stayed with that agency through 1996.  She moved to Tucson from Rockville, MD where she worked as a Senior Policy Coordinator the director of IHS.  This was during the administration of President George H.W. Bush.  Her last position was Education Specialist in a national capacity at San Xavier Indian Reservation in Tucson during the administration of President Bill Clinton.  In 1997 she started an Arizona Corporation doing education research.  The corporation has been in existence for the past 20 years.  Recently, The White House invited her to participate in a global project United State of Women.  She is a member of B'nai B'rith International in Washington, D.C. and does volunteer work at facilities in Tucson.  She's active with the National Institute for Civil Discourse and has contributed information in capacities that has received attention from President Obama.  She looks forward contributing as a task force member for Reviving Civility.


Jeannette Mare

Founder and Executive Director of Ben’s Bells Project

Jeannette Maré is the founder and Executive Director of Ben’s Bells Project. Jeannette’s leadership has anchored the organization through remarkable growth, including the opening of three studios, collaborating with hundreds of local organizations and recruiting more than 25,000 annual volunteers. As part of her vision, Ben’s Bells has become nationally recognized and “kindness” is becoming part of the nation’s collective consciousness. Before becoming full time Executive Director of Ben’s Bells, Jeannette was faculty at the University of Arizona teaching discourse analysis. She holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Jeannette lives in Tucson and is grateful to have the opportunity to combine her two passions – teaching and community building – in her role with Ben’s Bells. 


Thomas N. Vida

Thomas N. Vida has worked as a teacher and guidance counselor for public and private schools for 16 years in multiple states including Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, and Arizona. He has also worked in Public Transit as a Manager and Trainer for 20 years in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. He was born in Aurora, Illinois and holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Counseling. Mr. Vida volunteers for the Arizona Epilepsy Foundation and the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System. His interests include being a sports fan, reading historical novels, volunteering his time, staying physical fit, taking educational classes, and entering The New Yorker Weekly Cartoon Caption Contest, winning once in 2014.


Don M. Weaver 

Mr. Weaver and his family moved to Tucson in 1977.  Until the end of  1997, he was a real estate broker, maintaining his presence in that field as a multi-million producer and real estate company owner, while consulting in the areas of marketing, advertising, and sales promotion, in which he is still actively involved. Mr. Weaver has written and produced numerous TV commercials, campaigns, and articles for local organizations. He spent 15 years in New York City on the divisional marketing staff of the McGraw-Hill Book Company. Mr. Weaver's civic activities in Tucson include serving on the boards of Open Inn; Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, as a founding member; Friends of Open Inn; Tucson Women's Hockey Club; Golden Legacy Originals, which he and his wife founded; and TMM Family Services. He has served as president of two homeowners association boards and president of St. Pauls United Methodist Church Foundation. In the summer of 2001, Mr. Weaver spearheaded a campaign to “Restore Civility to the American Way of Life,” a program designed primarily to assist schools in teaching character ethics, civility, and leadership.