The University of Arizona

Creating Community Solutions, Part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health

The Institute is working to bring communities together to talk about mental health and create action plans.

Next Generation: Building Trust Through Civil Discourse

Many state legislators are our future national lawmakers. The Institute has designed a workshop to help them build trust through civil discourse.


The Institute gathers researchers and builds partnerships to provide seed grants for stimulate new and extensive research.

UA Leadership

An interdisciplinary research field of civil discourse, built with the help of universities, will provide insight into and legitimacy for improving American politics.

Civil Discourse

The Institute encourages elected officials and candidates to increase their commitment to civil discourse.

National Institute for Civil Discourse

Mission:  The National Institute for Civil Discourse will integrate research and practice to support and enable:

  • Elected officials capable of working to solve the big issues facing our country.
  • A public demand for civil discourse and a government that works in the best interests of the country as a whole.
  • A media that informs and engages citizens.

The Institute on Arizona Illustrated

Institute Advisory Board Member and former Senator Olympia Snowe and Institute Executive Director Dr. Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer recently sat down for interviews with Arizona Illustrated during their trip to Tucson.