Revive Civility

The Problem

Incivility in America has reached epidemic proportions. Every day rudeness, disrespect and hostility sideline collaboration and compromise. Sound bites replace sound journalism. Extremes on both ends of the political spectrum stymie productive dialogue. The public, initially worn and weary, is increasingly enraged about how the lack of civility has left government helpless in the face of our nation's most pressing problems.

The 2016 campaign has brought political incivility directly into living rooms across America. Not only have candidates exacerbated this through numerous disrespectful remarks, name calling, and by insulting various members of minority groups, but the tone of the campaigns has also led to physical violence. Uncivil words have led to uncivil actions and are the direct result of the nature of the rhetoric expressed by those competing to lead in public office.

Core NICD research found that most people think mocking or making fun of a political opponent, making disrespectful or demeaning statements, refusing to listen to arguments of different points of view, or making exaggerated statements that misrepresent the truth are all uncivil behaviors.

In a 2016 Civility Poll, almost all likely voters of likely voters, almost all stated that a presidential candidate’s civility and behavior would affect their votes. Furthermore, many parents have expressed dismay that they aren’t able to watch the debates with their children because of the bad behavior, language, and poor role modeling that is displayed, embarrassingly, by people who are in the running to lead the country.

The Revive Civility Campaign

Revive Civility is NICD's nationwide campaign to demand civility in the 2016 campaign. We provide tools for Americans - elected officials, members of the media and the public at large -- to take solution-oriented actions that will help restore civility in our public elections.

The Revive Civility Campaign includes the following components:

  • Standards of Conduct: The Standards of Conduct provide a framework for reviving the spirit of civility and are a guide for modeling civil behavior. Agree to uphold the Standards and demand candidates uphold them as well! The Standards were developed in collaboration with NICD's Advisory Board, National Network of State Legislators, National Civility Network and Research Network.
  • Debates Standards: The Standards of Conduct for Debates provide a framework through which moderators, candidates, and audiences can revive the spirit of civility by modeling civil behavior. Participants can agree to uphold the Standards and to demand candidates and moderators to uphold them as well. 
  • The Standards were developed in collaboration with NICD’s Advisory Board, National Network of State Legislators, National Civility Network and Research Network.
  • Citizen and Partner Toolkits: The downloadable toolkits offer concrete steps for helping Revive Civility in our politics and our everyday lives.
  • Civility Seal of Aproval: NICD will issue a special "Seal of Approval" for acts of behavior that model the Standards of Conduct.
  • Text, Talk, Revive Civility: NICD’s innovative text messaging and discussion platform, Text, Talk, Revive Civility, will bring together thousands of citizens across the country to talk about how civility strengthens our democracy, and determine how to advance a more civil discourse, and hold elected officials and candidates accountable when they do not uphold our ideals.

Revive Civility Tucson 

NICD has gathered local leaders in Tucson to generate a local Revive Civility effort across Tucson. Join us in Tucson, Arizona at the Loft Cinema to learn more about Tucson's community effort to Revive Civility.

Become a Citizen for Reviving Civility!

First, agree to uphold the Standards of Conduct and then complete the weekly actions we send you to revive civility in your everyday lives and in the politics around you.