CommonSense American Reaches 25,000 Members

By March 22, 2021No Comments

25,000 CSA members bring common sense to American politics

We’re excited to announce that we reached our goal of 25,000 members! Members of CommonSense American come together from across the country and political spectrum to identify measures wise enough to attract support beyond one party or the other.

CommonSense American is a free, member based organization of conservative, moderate, and liberal U.S. citizens who work together to create broadly supported policy. We do this in four steps:

Identify Issues

Our members identify issues with the greatest promise of attracting broad, bipartisan support.

Develop Briefs

Our staff develops a thorough policy brief on each issue.

Weigh In

Each member reviews the brief to which they've been randomly assigned and weighs in on the policy questions.

Share your Own Views

Each member shares their own views with their members of Congress.

If you haven’t already, we hope that you’ll join CommonSense American right away!